Reading (365: day 6)

Yesterday was Monday. Every other Monday I work an 8 hour day, from 6am to 2pm.

Sounds great when you rattle it off like that. From 2pm on, I’m free to do whatever we want to do.

But by the time I get home and get ready to do something, it’s kind of time to start winding down to get ready for dinner.

So what I usually do is just stay home with the girls and play. We play outside, we play games, do a puzzle, play barbies. Whatever they want. And I try to stay interested.

But it usually ends up with me reading them books.

Again, great in theory.

You’re supposed to read to your kids! I love to read, I want them to love to read, so I need to teach them….by reading to them.

But DAMN it’s hard to read kid books in the late afternoon!

Usually we’re on the couch. I’m in the middle.

The sun is shining in on my back.

Being awake for 12 hours and going nonstop is starting to catch up to me.

Reading about an otter who loves to swim too far away from home and gets his parents worried is NOT a compelling read.

Does nothing for me in fact.

If they’d let me read Breaking Dawn out loud to them then maybe we’d get through a few chapters. But otters, or princesses, or Bernstein Bears…..say a small prayer that I’ll make it through to the end.

I almost never do.

I fight really, really hard though.

If I catch myself starting to doze  I’ll try to sit up straighter. I’ll shake my head around and whip my own face with my own hair. I’ll open my eyes up wider. I’ll move out of the sun. I’ll yawn really loud as if that gets rid of the sleepiness.

How long do those maneuvers work? Buys me about 3-4 more pages. At best.

And then, the thing the girls hate most….I start drifting. But I DON’T stop talking.

If they were older, they would find this very interesting. But at this age, it just pisses them off.

I keep talking, with my eyes closed, but I’m not reading from the book anymore.

Tom and Harper have both told me what I say in these moments. Those sweet, sweet moments of sleep that for a few seconds feel so incredibly good…. until a 5 year old is pouncing on my chest telling me to wake up and a 7 year old is screaming that I’m not making sense.  Those are ugly awakenings.

So I guess I talk about what is in my subconscious.

That would mean I talk about living with lions, and swimming to the bottom of the ocean, and running from my neighbors dog who just snuck in the cat door.

I mean seriously….they should STOP waking me up, sit back, and enjoy the stories! If they were really smart, they’d start listening AND taking notes, so they could use some of this stuff against me someday. Because I’m sure some of that is coming out too.

But for now, they are young and innocent, and so they wake me up to continue to read the riveting drama about the otter.

Yesterday’s 365 picture:

San Diego family photographer

This is a shot of us in Payton’s bed. Reading. But this was at night before bed, so somehow I can stay awake better at that hour.

Could it be that I know in just a few short minutes I’m free for the rest of the night?

I’m not sayin.




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