Project 365. Take 3. (Or 4?)

Here. We. Go. Again.

I can’t even say it actually.

Some of you probably know what I’m getting at.

It’s a new year, time for resolutions, time to TRY something again that you’ve failed at (time and time again).

But here I go again.

Project Failure.    Project 365 I mean.

It’s when I challenge myself to take a picture every single day.

And when everyone who knows me, and my history, holds their breath until I fail.

No one dies. Because no one has to hold their breath very long.

I can’t do this. Can’t keep motivated. Can’t find subjects to shoot.

But this time…..????


This time. Success.

I can smell it.
I can taste it.

I will own this.

Because my Project 365 will only be posted on my blog once a week!

See the pretty little template below?

That’s a week worth of pictures!!

Hell yeah!!

I can DO this!!!

(don’t hold your breath though….)




jan week 1 Project 365

The subjects.

Get used to them. You could possibly see them weekly.

The new bunny.   (only allowed to hop around on that blue blanket. Get used to that too.)

The girls. Doing their thing.


And bedtime.

That about sums it up!

Give me strength, I WILL do this!

Melissa….this is for you.

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