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I tried this before. Last month I think. It was actually June 1st, I thought to myself how perfect to start this year long project on the first day of June! A day I will always remember!

Well, I think I made it 2 days, June 3rd, then I gave up. Too hard. Who wants to be taking a picture of kids that are tired and cranky and dirty and doing the same damn thing every single day?

Now it’s July 21st. What a forgettable date. But today I started over, so now I must not forget it. And this time, I’m DOING it!

Project 365 is not new, once I started researching it I found people were claiming that this was their 3rd or 4th year in a  row doing it! Gets addictive I guess.

The goal is to take a picture every. single. day. And not just take  a picture. That I could do. But take a picture you like. One that you actually spent time composing, and editing, and then post it. That’s the hard part. Posting it. If I could get away with a crappy picture a few times a week, but still TAKE the picture, that would be one thing. Following the rules, just not lovin the results. But posting it here, on my blog, every day, to be secretly critiqued by those who see it….well that’s quite another story.

But the point is, I will gain experience as a photographer. I will “accidentally” learn new things about my camera, about my lens, about composition, posing, editing…..all those things I NEED to learn more about.  I am amazed, and saddened, when I realize how many weeks have gone by and i haven’t taken a single picture. If there is not a client booked, or a significant event in our lives, sometimes I just forget to find the time.

This will not let me forget. I need to make the time. And I may feel sad that my pictures look like crap, I will never feel sad that weeks went by without taking one.

So here is day 1.

Not every day will get a commentary, but tonight was kind of special.

Tom and TJ are at the Padres game, but they took the girls to the pool for the whole afternoon and everyone came home tired with bloodshot eyes. I high fived myself knowing that I was going to get them to bed by 7pm and have the whole evening to myself.

5pm we start dinner.

5:11 dinner is over.

5:20 they are playing outside, innocent enough.

5:30 they bring out bubbles and all the bubble paraphernalia from the garage and that’s my cue to start yelling. “We have no time for bubbles! Bedtime is 7pm! TIme for the bath! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!!”

Ignored. Completely. Until I was asked to pour bubble juice into the bubble machine. I’m rolling my eyes, I’m sighing loudly, I’m telling them they have 5 seconds to play and then we HAVE to go in.

They start blowing bubbles, and I see how cute they look, and suddenly I remember  (it’s only been 4 hours since I recommitted to this project and already I’m forgetting about it) I need to take a picture, and a bubble picture would be cute!

So I run in to get my camera and the girls ask if I’m going to start the tub and I yell “NO! Keep playing with the bubbles!” as I run up the stairs. I didn’t see their faces, but I’m sure if they had known the definition of  psychotic, or schizophrenic, or bi polar disorder, they would have been tossing those descriptions around along with my name.

Anyway, it worked out beautifully. I got some pictures of them doing something they don’t do every single day. Plus, I got a chance to photograph them with some backlight as the sun is starting to set, which I LOVE! And, the most surprising part of all of this, they liked having their pictures taken, and Payton was smiling for me!

What a night!

project 365-san diego photography 

project 365-san diego photography 
project 365-san diego photography
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  • MelissaLove the one of the girls kissing. So (Southern word coming) PRECIOUS!! I love this project because I’m going to get to see these photos!!! Keep posting, please!ReplyCancel

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