Project 365 | January

And so we continue….for another round

This has been a very cold January for San Diego.  We have done a lot of indoor activities, a lot of chai and hot apple cider drinking, and a lot of daydreaming about the warm weather returning.   And actually, it’s not just daydreaming. I’m getting emails from all of last years camps, asking if we are signing up again. WHAT?!?!? It’s January! I still have a semester of math to get through with Payton! We still have to complete our ski week and spring break vacations! A 7 year old can not commit to what she wants to do in 1 hour, let alone what she’s going to want to do next summer!! But they tempt me with discounts for signing up before the end of the month, so I stupidly ask the girls, and get what I expected, blank stares back. I guess I will sign up, if nothing else, it brings the promise of summer and warmer weather.

I also have had a LOT of newborn sessions the last 2 months. I love them. I’ve totally changed my style, going for “less is more” type of theme. You’ll see a lot of it in the weeks to come as I try to catch up with blogging.

So onto this weeks post. It’s again, all about the girls. No bunny shots. No Tom shots. Definitely no shots of me. How would THAT help my photography skills? But I made a vow a few years ago to get in front of the camera more. So that’s on my to do list. You may see more of me yet.

This is such a typical shot of Harper. Always reading. Before school, after school, in the car, in bed, at the table, until we remember there’s no reading at the table and tell her to stop.

I love that she’s a voracious reader….she and I will get along great on future vacations when all we do is sit by the pool and read. But until that day, we will do what we are doing for Spring break….bringing friends along! Yay! More kids to swim with, and more adults to drink with! But I digress….here is the most typical Harper down time position.

young girl reading on the couch


Oops. Said there were no bunny pictures. I lied.

Sometimes the girls sleep in past 7:00 on school days. Not often, but sometimes. When that happens the best way to wake them up is a surprise visit from Cookie.

I love how different they are from we when someone wakes me up. I swear I pop up ready to hit someone in the face, and say a word of thanks when I realize the near miss of punching out my own child.  Whereas when they are woken up they look like sleeping beauty awakening from a slumber, stretching and smiling and ready to engage in a conversation.  The furry guy really helps with this too…

girl in pink bed/room with bunny


Harper is in basketball this winter with Tom as her coach again.  Payton is playing her first season too. She is loving it. She’s finally learning how to shoot without first stooping down all the way to the ground to get the most lift out of her jump. She even made a basket last weekend! Her first! Her team is killing it. Even though they don’t keep score yet, we do, and we know how much they really are killing it. Harper, on the other hand, is now in the 3rd-4th grade team, which keeps score, and the baskets are raised, and it was a draft, so Tom didn’t get everyone he wanted from last year. Safe to say, he may have one of the most inexperienced teams out there. We’ve lost all 3 games so far. I think it’s taken at least 12 years off of Tom’s life. And mine. For someone who promotes sportsmanship, and having fun, and not worrying about the score, it’s really getting painful to watch, and I find myself coaching from the bench. Annie, the wife of Tom’s assistant coach is right there next to me, yelling as loud as me. We’ve sort of decided we’re better coaches than Tom and John. But Harper told me to cool it last week….so I will work on keeping my mouth shut, and remember they are here for fun, not for winning. But seriously, that could be a post all in itself. (Melissa, you can expect a private email soon.)girls bball


Harper is #50. Her best buddy Elle is #30.

THIS picture is 80% of  why she plays basketball……I need to keep my mouth shut.

3rd grade basketball game


I have no commentary on this picture. Payton, fresh out of the shower. Night time. Running out of possible photos for the day. (Unless I find Tom in his old man chair in front of the tv. He could be my late night fall back. But I WANT you to keep reading this blog…not run from it!)

after the shower


Harper has been reading at night to fall asleep. The kid that used to be up before me everyday has now started to sleep in. Maybe she’s reading too late. I tell her as I tuck her in, “10 minutes!”. She agrees, and I am supposed to come back in 10 minutes to take her book and light out of her bed and make sure she goes to sleep. I usually remember to come back to her about….ohhhh….uhhhh…..maybe an hour, hour and a half later. So who knows how long she actually reads.  That long story is to explain how I got a shot of Harper still asleep in the morning. A rare sight!

B&W sleeping child


A morning ritual, putting on shoes. And actually, that is a total lie. Usually their shoes are in the garage, so the last thing they do before they leave the house is NOT put their shoes on. This was kind of a staged photo. This is where Gramps and Nana Kathy put THEIR shoes on every day when they come to visit. So one of the girls remembered, told the other girl to sit there too, so they could be like G and NK, and it was too cute to pass up a shot.


Happy weekend everyone!

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