Project 365 | Getting dressed

Project 365.

Day ???

I started to get confused after January ended.

I used to look at the date at the bottom of my computer and know what day it was in my project because it was the same day of the month. Since I started January 1st.

But when we jumped to February, my counting screeched to a standstill.

I know, I know, it wouldn’t be so hard to add 31+1, or 31+2, etc, etc.

I thought of that.

And then I thought of July 8th.

Or September 19th.

And my math skills curled up deep inside my belly and begged me not to force them to figure out how many days that is.

It’s a really big miracle this project 365 has endured longer than one whole month (one whole week??). If I actually have to keep the days numbered, it may be all over for this little project.

So onwards and upwards….project 365 continues, but not to worry about the day we are on. We will get to 365 on Dec 31st.


Here are my two girlies.

I made them late to a birthday party as soon as I saw them come downstairs dressed like this.  I stopped all efforts to get them in the car, (which I had been working very hard on for the previous 14 minutes, and working on LOUDLY), and instead worked on getting them outside to sit down together for a picture. Suddenly, they were more than ready to get the gifts and get in the car.   Funny, because when that’s what I WANTED you to do, you had other things that took precedence. Like listening to the Frozen soundtrack for the 832nd time. And making sure no one put my pretty pony in the barbie house, because that would be wrong. And making sure your purple glitter dolphin bracelet was still in your red purse (that you stole from me 2 years ago) and have no intention of wearing, but needed to check, just to make sure.

What is going on here? Who the hell is in charge?

And all that was just in the previous 12 minutes before I took this picture.

Before that we had all morning. And sometimes, a morning can feel like a lifetime.

Especially this particular morning. With Payton.

Here we go again.

We have a new rule. It’s one you use with toddlers. It’s called “use your words.”

It’s mandatory, because I am sick and tired of being in opposite sides of the house and getting yelled at: “Mommy come here! Now! Hurry!”

And when I get there?

“Um. Mommy? Where is my pink headband with the feather?” Distracted as she’s rooting through the drawer.


Then later. Again screaming for me to come here. It’s an emergency.

“Can you give me that blanket on the top shelf? Did I use that when I was a baby?”

Yes. And you will be buried with it. Later today.

So now she must tell me WHY she’s yelling for me to drop everything and run to her assistance, every 30 minutes, before I make a move to join her.

If the toilet is overflowing,  I will come.

If Barbie can’t fit in her car because her dress is too poofy, it will have to wait.

Use. Your. Words.  Not just your demands.

So that happened all morning. Her yelling for me. Me yelling back to give me details. Her not having a good reason to need me. Me refusing to come.

Suddenly, (not unexpectedly), I have super-angry-girl-forget-about-me-using-any-words-at-all-now-I’m-just-going-to-have-a-screaming-fit following me around, giving me a huge headache.

I get it, rules take a while to sink in. And there’s an adjustment period. But I needed this rule to kick in fast, and get followed, and work. Or someone wouldn’t be making it to 1st grade.

So when they came down dressed like this, I had to laugh. And then I had to take a picture, to remember it.

Funny when your outfits fit your personality, isn’t it?


Black= well. Hmmm. Can I call my own child a devil?  Probably not so good. Ok. Not THE devil. Just devilish.

Whatever. Black and white. That is how they acted this morning. And that is how they present themselves to me now.

Very fitting.  I like it.

No CPS calls needed…..I do not think Payton is a devil.

Who here has met Payton?

uh huh.

No calls please.

And by the way….Christmas was 2 months ago, would that poinsettia just die already?

February 01, 20141

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