Project 365 | days 23-25

Day 23:

Trip to the bookstore. One of their favorite activities.



January 22, 201415January 22, 20142library-Del Mar affordable photographer


Day 24:

Those natural highlights kill me.

Affordable San Diego children photographer

Day 25:

We did a family fun run (1 mile) today to raise money for the school.

Here’s the before shot.

January 25, 20141

Let’s discuss this picture. And this life, in general.

First of all, I wasn’t even sure there was going to be an “after” shot. I didn’t know how many of us were going to make it to the actual race.

Payton was complaining of a headache and stomach ache last night before bed, and at 3am she came to my bed and was burning up and feeling miserable.

I medicated her and went to her bed to sleep (ha!) with her. I maybe finally fell asleep after an hour or so of laying in her bed cussing my night. When I finally was out, I was woken up again. This time by Harper, leaning over the bed, pounding on me, furious with me for laying with Payton. I told her Payton was sick, and yes it IS fair if I sleep with her if she is sick. Then Harper starts this fake cough and complaints of headaches. I bet the fake cough made her throat hurt. So I left Payton and went to my own bed to prove to Harper I can’t be in both of their beds at once, and really didn’t want to be in either of their beds anyway. At 5:30 I fell asleep in my own bed. For an hour. Then everyone got up.

So that is why I look like hell in the before picture. And why I thought there might not be an after picture.

And let’s check out Paytons race attire.

Yes she has running shoes.

Yes she got a race t-shirt just like the rest of us.

And yes, she IS wearing the brightest pink shirt ever and ballet flats. Perfect for running a mile, no?

But we did it. I medicated everyone before we left, and we made it through, and had a good time doing it.

Here’s Harper with her medal:

January 25, 20141-2

January 25, 20142

Completed our school duty? check

Got some exercise today? check

Ready for bed at 5:30pm? check

Wish everyone else was too…..



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