Project 365 | bunny

As predicted, the bunny is still the main feature this week.

Tried to hide him among his friends, but he’s not a group kind of guy…he hopped away as soon as Tom set him in his place among his buddies.

This was the fastest/least blurry shot I could get.


This girl has a lot of love to give, and she’s not afraid to talk about it. (leaving the house takes an extra 10 minutes now, because the bunny needs hugs and kisses and a lengthy good bye detailing her love for him.)

Or show it.

But the way she “shows” love could easily be mistaken for bunny torture.  (Imagine bunny handstands, force feeding parsley, rolling the big plastic tube while he’s sitting inside, hugging too hard, and letting him “jump” off her shoulder).

Bunny Project 365

What a patient animal.



And Tom.

Direct quote: “I never thought I’d like a bunny so much.”

If given  the chance, he would hold the bunny about as much as the girls do. But once a girl spots him holding the bunny, they beg to get him back in their own arms. (Even if they JUST put him down!)

The position he’s in?

Oh, he loves it.

The vet taught us that, and now it’s the favorite method of holding him.

January 11, 201555

January 11, 201561January 11, 201566

Ok. Quick bunny interruption to get a decent picture of coffee.

This creamer? Gets me out of bed in the morning.


At 5:05 am.

So I took a picture of it in a glass mug.

I love coffee.

But only with this creamer.

Can’t wait til tomorrow morning……

January 12, 201572


Ok. Back to Cookie.

And Payton.

And the obvious spot for a bunny to sit.

On an art table.

While the bunny entertainer actually IGNORES the bunny and draws mindlessly instead.

Of COURSE this was a good idea.

January 13, 201580

Oh….but sorry Cookie.

Good things don’t last.

Time to be picked up again!

God forbid you sit down for more than 8 seconds without someone lifting you up again!


January 13, 201578


Showing his displeasure with the obvious injustices going on, including (but not limited to): sitting on an art table for no reason, feeling forced into watching art happen, getting picked up every 4.5 seconds, getting dropped from 4 feet above the ground, having his fur pet in the backwards direction, his owner forcing him to attempt handstands, lying supine, and forcing his ears up, and finally, having hands in his fur, and lips on his face almost 90% of the time he’s awake and  with the family.

Sorry Cookie.

Just sorry.


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