Project 365 | 2 weeks worth

This has been a busy time….so I’m posting 2 weeks together.

See how this is evolving?
Supposed to post every day.

I change the rules to post once a week.

And now, 2 weeks into it, I’m changing the rules again to suit me. Now I’ll post 2 weeks together.

Well….good luck to me.

I guess if I can keep changing the rules, I can continue to keep up this 365.

If anyone gets all school-marmy, rule-follower on me, forget it. Game over.

You’ll get what you get.

And listen to me talk….does anyone even CARE what they get?

Is anyone even “GETTING” this anyway?

It’s my pathetic attempt to convince myself that this 365 is worth doing. (for someone other than me. Which is the ONLY reason I should be doing it. But I’m a people pleaser, so I’d like to think I’m helping someone else by posting this).

And truth be told….I don’t actually think I’m a people pleaser either.

I’m a Kim pleaser.


Who needs therapy?

I just broke myself down to the root of all my problems.

I’m selfish.

Time to build myself back up!!



So here we have a visit from my aunt, uncle, 2 cousins, and one cousin’s husband.

They came from Colorado (my aunt and uncle), so they LOVED having a few beach days.  We took hikes, explored tide pools, and ate out for every meal.


This next set of photos is a hodge podge.

I’ve got more hiking pics, fun times in the playhouse outside with a next-door friend, a (required) bunny pic, and a shot from the windiest day in a LONG time. Kids loved raking up the leaves, only to have a mini tornado sweep through a few minutes later and blow the pile to smithereens!

What fun!
(especially for Tom and me, when we’re left with leaves on our patio, pulled in from all 4 corners of the yard, rakes, shovels and brooms littering the backyard, and 2 filthy kids hiding somewhere in the house because it’s time to clean up….we have no idea where. Yeah. Tons of fun!)


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