Pro-Tips: Hand Posing For Your Boudoir Session

Hand Posing

So many people struggle with what to do with their hands during a photoshoot! Hands can make or break an image if they look too clumsy or awkward! Here are five super-easy tips for hand posing that I use with my boudoir clients:

1. Soft & Relaxed Hands

Having your arms at your side is totally okay. But remember to keep those hands soft and relaxed. If your hands are too rigid or in tight fists, it can give off a negative vibe.

2. The Subtle Adjustment

A simple trick is to use your hands to make a subtle adjustment to your lingerie. This can be a thumb under a bra strap or tug at the hem. It’s a simple adjustment to hand posing that makes a huge difference.

Boudoir fishnets and hand posing suggestions

3. Hold Something In Your Hands

Bring something into the frame that adds to the story and makes sense. Is it a larger object? Stagger your hands and grip it lightly.


4. The Hair Sweep

An easy and natural hand pose is sweeping your fingers across your brow, then simply tucking your hair behind the ear. Look away for a soft, initimate vibe. Or for something more flirty, look straight at the camera.

5. The Hand Posing That Sends A Message

hand posing tips Kim Kelley Photo
The Magic Moment’s seduction… with style! You can use your hands to add romantic emotion to your image. Maybe you are embracing yourself, thinking of your partner holding you tight. Maybe your fingers trace that lingering kiss on your lips. Be natural, but intentional!

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