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These cuties are one year old twins! If you didn’t believe me, I would accept that. Looking at this photo especially, side by side, little miss looks like she could be a good 6 months older than her brother! But nope, they are twins! And we got together to celebrate their one year old birthday.

I first met this sweet family when they were newborns and I went to their house to do newborn photos.  They were equally sized at that point, but we can see someone has taken the lead since then! 🙂  One more thing….she has a personality (read: sassy little attitude) to match!

I have been very blessed, meeting all these great families through the Navy connection I have. And as it is with the ever-rotating Navy crew, someone is always having a baby, so there is no shortage of photos to be taken. However, the downside of meeting all these great people with adorable kids, is they also move away and I never get to see them again. So is the case with this one year old birthday shoot. It was a farewell shoot in addition to a birthday update. They are on their way to the east coast. Great for them, since they have family there, but sad to know this is the last time I get to see these cute faces.

Go and conquer the world (You on the right, you just start with your sister….the world can wait)…. you will be missed, but not forgotten.


one year old twins on white bridge in Poway


B&W photo of 1 year old boy twin in Poway


one year old twins with birthday celebration photo shoot in Poway


one year old twins



1 year old twin girl photo shoot in park


B&W 1 year old twins on bridge for photo shoot | Poway Child Photographer

one year old twins




one year old baby photography | Kim Kelley Photo


Poway Child Photographer


one year old baby photography | Kim Kelley Photo







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