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I think I missed 2 days on the project.

Actually, today I didn’t feel like getting another photo of the girls doing the same old thing, so I tried to get a cool picture of the fog this morning, and it turned out completely boring. So I scrapped it.

I guess, officially, I should have posted it. Supposed to post even the garbage shots so you “see how you’ve grown” at the end of the year. Well, anyone could have used my fog picture, taken another picture, of anything, immediately afterwards, and claimed they have been growing for a year. And everyone would believe it too.  So I scrapped it.

I did get a few over the last few days though (for days 26-28).

Here the girls and I were playing Telephone. Or maybe it’s called Operator. But you probably remember.

The thing is, we’ve played this game several times, and it’s not working. How come we can hear each other crystal clear? How is it possible that I have taught my children this game incorrectly? Embarrassing.

But it’s not working.

And they don’t get it.

So now, there is no joy in messing up the message. They never learned the fun in starting with a sentence, moving it through the people, and listening to the last person completely botch the original.

Now, when there are even a few changes (example: “The brown puppy walked without his blue leash”.  Delivered at the end as “the brown pup walked without his blue leash”)  the person who started that sentence flies off the handle at the person who says it wrong! There’s interrupting, correcting, repeating, increases in volume of voices as they are trying to be heard, and overall, a ruining of the game.

SO, to counteract the badness of the game I taught them, they (or maybe I should say Harper) has come up with her own version of the game.

Which, is impossible.

So, also no fun.

Here she is starting the telephone with Payton.

See the paper in her hand? I’m getting to that.

January 26, 20147

This new game? It should be called memorize this completely ridiculous story I’m about to recite in your ear at warp speed, and then see what you can do with it, because it’s not going to make sense, because I’m making it up as I go, and I want it to be really, really long, so there is no cohesion to what I’m telling you.

Ready to play?

Payton: YES!

January 26, 20146

Looking pretty smug here.

But her glory ended when Payton stopped listening, confused already, and wanted Harper to start from the beginning.

Guess who had already forgotten the beginning herself? (and the middle, and the ending)

So that’s when her new plan took action.


So she took the time to write out the ridiculously long telephone message that Payton and I weren’t even interested in listening to.

January 26, 20142

And then she actually tried to READ it from the page, into Payton’s ear.

So obviously, Payton, (and I), heard everything, loud and clear.

It was like she was giving a speech.

At full volume.

In an auditorium.

So much for telephone.

Is there supposed to be a winner in this game? I think not. But she declared one….because still, even though the spirit of the game was totally lost, Payton and I were unable to repeat back what she came up with. So she won.

January 26, 201413

Insult to injury?

Payton playing the game correctly. With a cute little sentence like “The whale hurt his foot when he swam into the rocks”.

And Harper?

Take a look at her face.

You can see her attitude all over it.

Obviously, in the 10 or so minutes we spent playing this game, Harper grew too old for it.

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