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I’m taking an online photography class right now. I’m 2 weeks in to the 4 week class, and I feel like my head is going to explode.

It’s an editing class. Which I am excited to learn about, but I swear, every time I take a class and try to improve my photography, I get worse before I get better.

I mean MUCH worse.

Sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone.

But really, if I master this, I will be thrilled. So in the meantime, I’ll keep turning my pink skin colored children green and purple in an attempt to achieve that perfect skin tone.

In the meantime however, in the spirit of taking photography classes to improve your skills, I thought I would post some horribly bad photographs, with blurred images, tons of distractions on the walls and floors, and horrible color….just in the name of fun.

This is how Tom entertains the girls at the end of the evening. Usually (thank goodness) on Thursdays and Fridays only, when I’m at work late.

Because honestly…I almost had to leave the room, or throw down the camera and save my children from imminent ER visits…it was that hard to watch.

February 26, 20141
This is a team effort.

Both parties roll the girl back and forth on the ball until Tom overrides his partner and brings the girl crashing down.

They love it.

February 26, 20142
Harper, always the ham…takes time to pose for me.

February 26, 20145
Looks like Payton lost her grip.

Man down!

February 26, 20146

This is an excellent example of a horrible photograph.

Don’t do this.

February 26, 201419
Oops! I missed the “flip”.

Now it’s time for back stretches I guess.

Looks a little like a torture device.
February 26, 201425
How’s your neck Harper?

Is Tom laughing or in pain?

What a great game.

And another prime photographic example.

Where’s your head Payton?

February 26, 201410
Payty’s turn.

Smaller= lighter=faster=much scarier to watch if you’re the mother of this small girl.

February 26, 201412
Too fast!

I may have to leave now.

February 26, 201414
Oh Lord. There she goes.

Watch her leg!

February 26, 201413February 26, 201415
What are you doing to her arms?

Careful of her elbows!

February 26, 201428
Seriously, more?

TIme for the back.

If Harper did it, Payton has to have her fair chance to do it too.

February 26, 201440
Tom’s face is NOT reassuring me.

February 26, 201441

Nor here.

Shutting my camera off now before I accidentally capture the moment her neck snaps.


Glad they survived that “game”.

And really, I’m sure that got them nice and relaxed and tired and mellowed out, and ready to sleep .

yeah right.


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