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1 year old girl birthday party.


One of my best friends has 3 little girls, all under the age of 4.

So when her youngest daughter turned 1 she threw a 3 little pigs party!

It was pink, and twirly, and sweet, and perfect. And the littlest piggy had a blast!

(as did the rest of us)


March 23, 20145-2

March 23, 20144-2March 23, 20148-2
No shortage of pig decor (or food).

I have always kind of had a “thing” for pigs. But I had to stop talking about it years ago, because as people do when they know you have a “thing” about anything, they buy you pig stuff every chance they get.

So my house has a lot of pigs in it.

And a lot of pigs are in storage.

But this party just made me happy as I looked around at all the perfect pink pig cuteness.

1 year old girl birthday party San Diego
My girls and I were tasked with making the pig houses above.

Payton did the stick house.  Harper did the straw house. And I did the brick house.

I had excellent karma that day, because after I had painted the house red, our former (VERY crafty…I mean, she has a shop on etsy for pete’s sake!) nanny, Heather happened to stop by.

She took a look at our crafts in progress, and took over. And THAT folks, is why the brick house looks like bricks (vs. a red house with a black grid painted on it). Thank you Heather!

I made the doors. So if you’re wondering why the straw house has a door that is 2 feet above the ground, well, that’s my fault. I wasn’t sure what to do with that gate thing there at the bottom. So I left it, and just installed the door above it.

Can’t pigs jump? Or climb small ladders?

Oh well, the straw house gets blown down anyway, who cares if they can’t really get in it.


More importantly, here is the piggy of the hour:  Miss Rowan.

1 year old girl birthday party San Diego
Who, me?

March 23, 201437-2

And the middle piggy: Miss Ainsley.

How was the frosting Miss A?

March 23, 201431-2

And their gorgeous mama.

The person who can get me to do things I don’t want to do, try things I don’t want to try, and laugh until I have to walk away from her because I can’t catch my breath and feel like I may die.

March 23, 201421-2

And here is the loving, oldest piggy, Miss Emerson.

Cutest 3 little pigs ever.

March 23, 201462-2
Cake time!

She was pretty neat with her first cake.

A little red eyeliner and a little brown goatee and she was done.

1 year old girl birthday party San Diego
No face full of cake for me, thank you very much!

March 23, 201453-2
Oh yeah….this was the before shot.

One of her helpful big sisters tested the frosting out for her and swiped one of his eyes right off.

So I guess it’s the ALMOST before shot.

March 23, 201448-2

Happy birthday sweet girl! You’re the cutest 1 year old pig I know!

1 year old girl birthday party San Diego

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