Photography Session at Balboa Park

Annual Portrait Sessions

Young Brothers Photography Session

I’ve said it before, there is nothing that pleases me more than seeing clients return year after year for annual photography sessions. Not only do I love the repeat business, but I love seeing how the kids are growing and changing.  Sometimes they even get used to me and enjoy the session. 🙂

These little guys are no exception. I’ve been photographing their family for years and love seeing the changes. I also work with both of their parents in the hospital, so it’s a lot of fun to see the other side of life for them. No longer are they in charge when these busy boys are around! 🙂  And they both have personalities x 100, so it’s non stop laughing when I’m around them. If you were to videotape the session and play it back to me, I’d probably assume I didn’t get any photos with them looking at me, or in focus, or looking decent. So I was thrilled when I went through the images after the session to see all these keepers!

Balboa Park at Sunset

We ended up meeting right across the street from the hospital where we all work (although none of us live near there!). Balboa Park is one of my favorite spots for photography sessions with kids. There are so many different pockets of light, all giving off such a different vibe, it looks like we traveled all over downtown taking these shots.  Plus, it’s a park, where boys can run wild when they aren’t being told to sit still for a photo, so what little boy wouldn’t love that?

Ok guys….til next year! Be good, and keep being cute!

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