Photo Envy Be Gone

long blonde hair in white dress with white curtains

Have you ever had a twinge of photo envy scrolling Instagram? It’s normal! I know I’ve had a case of this in the past… I’d be scrolling past a beautiful and perfectly constructed photograph and thought, man oh man… I’d love to look as gorgeous as the woman in that photograph! 

Every woman can put her photo envy to rest when she decides to be brave and book a boudoir shoot for herself. Boudoir Photography is one of the best art forms for women in our day and age. Most women, me included, have fantasies of looking like an angelic perfect version of ourselves. I feel like this is especially true with the digital age we live in. We’re constantly seeing ads showcasing gorgeous models or actresses that we wish to resemble. To be able to see that vision come to life in your own personal boudoir photoshoot is transformational for our self-esteem and sometimes makes a girl feel like she just climbed to the top of a mountain!

When you’re ready to experience a boudoir photo shoot for yourself, expect a day of pampering with hair, makeup, snacks, straightforward posing instructions, handcrafted keepsakes and a few laughs along the way… I promise we’ll laugh and your photo envy will be gone by the end of the session! Are you ready to feel like a gorgeous goddess? I’d love to chat! Schedule a phone consult.

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