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It’s a topic we can not all agree on around here.

Whether or not we are getting a pet.

Some of my friends are pushing for me to get one.

Some of my friends are steering me away from it (too much extra work, why would I encourage that?).

But there are 2 little people in my house that remind me EVERY SINGLE DAY that they want a pet.

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A dog, a cat, a rabbit, a hamster, a fish….they will take whatever I’m offering. Just give us a damn pet!

And there is one holdout in my household as well.

I’ll give you a hint….it’s not me.

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So while he holds his ground, we have to settle for walking Keilo, the neighborhood golden who lives up the block.

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See Payton’s face in the back?

This is how walking the dog usually goes.

One kid is beaming ear to ear. (the kid holding the leash).

And one kid is crying/complaining how it’s not fair/sulking about how long 5 minutes is, and how it MUST be 5 minutes already.

And Tom just looks tolerant. That’s the only word I can think of for him.  Or maybe relieved. That the dog goes back to someone else’s house after the walk is over.

But actually, on closer inspection…..Payton IS holding the leash. So that look of absolute devastation must be because Harper is TOUCHING the dog while it’s Payton’s turn to hold the leash. That must be somehow breaking the rules.

There must be some rule that only Payton knows about that if you are the one holding the leash, the other sister must NOT get any enjoyment from touching, looking at, walking with, or being near the dog AT ALL….until it’s her turn to hold the leash. Which, God willing, will never come.

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Golden retrievers…..the without a doubt most tolerant dog ever.

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When I say get next to the dog so I can take a picture I don’t actually mean “lay down on the dog”. But that’s what they do. And he’s ok with that.


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I also don’t say “Ride him like a horse, and pull on his ears so his eyes look all freaky.”  But it also happens. And he is also ok with that.

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They love this dog so much.

Sometimes it’s enough for me to see them with him and know that he lives somewhere else.

And sometimes it just kills me that they want a pet so bad and we don’t have one for them to come home to everyday.

And listening to Payton when they leave him behind the gate “I love you Keilo! Love you so, so, so, so much! I will miss you! I will see you tomorrow, but remember I love you so, so, so, so much!” just about brings me to my knees.


We’ll have one soon.

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  • Mary MalinowskiUgh, you bring tears to my eyes….. I consider myself a supporter…..of the pet project…

  • Amy ZucharoCan’t wait for your new dog Front-buttReplyCancel

  • Kristen AurigemmaUm, after reading this post, Im going to buy your kids a dog….and a fish, and a hamster, and a bird….ReplyCancel

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