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So here’s the first day of school picture!

This is actually Payton’s first day of school, but Harper’s 11th (as Tom pointed out…so helpful).

I didn’t get a good first day of school picture of Harper on her actual first day of school. At home we were rushing to get out of the house, and Harper had stuffed animals (to bring) in her hands, and “extra clothes” under her arm, and the angle I took of of her was funny looking because I was competing for space with Tom and his iphone, so it just wasn’t a great shot.  Not the picture you would expect from the FIRST day of Kindergarten! And I brought my camera to school and planned on getting a picture there, but had no idea the crying and carrying on (from BOTH of us…see previous post) that would happen, so there were NO pictures taken at school.

So this is the one I’m using. And she can look at it when she’s 80, and can reminisce about her and her sister heading off to school on the FIRST day of school (not the 11th).

Payton had a great first day of school, by the way.

Last year it was a solid 4 months of having a teacher peel her off of my body as she pulled at my neck, my clothes, my hair to hang on to me, then we would leave her with her blankie over her face, crying and miserable, and she would NOT pop out of it as soon as we were out of eyesight. It wasn’t one of those tricks kids pull on you where they look miserable, and make you feel guilty, but in fact they are fine, and shut down the tears and the fake crying as soon as you leave. Her misery was real. And usually lasted an hour or so. It would intensify if anyone tried to touch her or talk to her.

So….Tom and expected the same drama filled drop off this year.

You can imagine our surprise when we walked her into her classroom, (and actually GOT a great picture of her smiling in her class!), said goodbye to her and casually walked out.

We stopped right outside the door. Out of eyesight. But not out of earshot. I guess, morbidly, we wanted to hear the imminent screaming, crying, begging…. and maybe I wanted to be the one to catch her as she made a dash to the parking lot.

Didn’t happen.

We walked down the rest of the length of the hallway. Stunned.

One of the teacher aides who knows us asked if we wanted her to check on Payton. We said yes, she did, and Payton was still fine.

Hmm. What the hell happened?

Best not to question the good things in life right? Best just to accept them and move on?

So we did. Tom and I headed home and waited by the phone. But all was quiet.

And here we are, 2 weeks down, and still looking good.

Thank you God, I guess we’ve paid our dues.


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