Parents night out | project 365: day 11-12

This weekend we had an awesome opportunity to leave real life behind and go stay in a cute little boutique-y hotel downtown for one night with some good friends of ours.

My cousin and her husband graciously came down from LA to take over parental duties for our girls, and Tom and I pretended we were young and healthy and hip enough to party like the single crowd downtown.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Acting young last night kicked my butt this morning. I am not that young anymore, and my body will not live a lie for me. Not even for one stinking night!

So today I paid the price, but last night was worth it.

Here’s Tom on the rooftop bar, watching the post game sadness after the Saints lost in the playoffs.

We revisited this rooftop several hours later, a little less thirsty, and a little worse for the wear….if you know what I mean.


san diego family photographer

Looking out at downtown from our room.

del mar family photographer

The sun setting….the craziness about to start.

Again…too old for drinks that are neon blue….but I ignored that part of my subconscious that knows that stuff and played ignorant instead.

san diego family photographer


Project 365: Day 12

The next day, I felt pretty “tired”. So even though there were lots of great opportunities for photos in downtown San Diego,  all I got was this.

affordable del mar family photographer

Had high hopes for the No Loitering sign, but my subjects just weren’t following my photographic directions. So here they are. I guess laughing at me. And wow, as soon as I “released” them and told them I’m done trying to take their pictures, they bolted. They are worse than the 4 year old shoots!


Here is the amazing new library downtown that just opened and is about 7 stories tall. Enormous!! Can’t wait to get a free day to take the girls down there. I imagine it’s an all day event to explore that place!

del mar family photographer

And finally, sleeping Payts. She had a long, fun weekend and was crashed before the first story was finished.

I’m about to look just like that myself.

Good night.

affordable del mar family photographer

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