Downtown San Diego baby photographer | One week old baby boy

This little guy was an absolute dream! I was able to squeeze in his photo shoot in downtown San Diego right before I left for a 10 day trip, which was perfect timing as he was exactly one week old, and his parents did everything right! They followed the “instructions” to a T, and he conked out right after I got there and slept soundly for a good 2 hours. I think I could have kept posing him and taking pictures but we ran out of ideas before we ran out of time!

sleeping baby boy poses with head on his crossed arms in downtown san diego home

sleeping baby photos

affordable photographer in san diego captures sleeping baby boy with popular pose of him with his head in his hands

newborn posing

This is the first time I sucessfully got  a baby to pose for a picture with his head in his hands. I have tried in the past but either the baby was not sleepy enough, or the parents seemed too nervous to continue to try. But this little man had an incredible dad who is a Navy pilot and trusted me completely, even helped me get his head to balance! And once we finally got him balanced, he wasn’t going anywhere…

one week old baby boy captured in popular sleeping baby pose

sleeping baby

affordable la jolla family photographer captures sleeping baby's  feet

newborn toes

One of my instructions to the parents before I come is to file the baby’s nails on his hands and toes. I just love baby toes, and always get a few pictures of the feet by themselves.

affordable downtown San Diego baby photographer

baby love

Could they be any more in love with this little guy???

affordable downtown San Diego baby photographer

newborn yawn

I will not say if this photo was caught mid-yawn or mid-scream….but you can probably guess…since I already mentioned how well he did through his photo shoot!

creative newborn photographer del mar with sleeping baby held in dad's hands

newborn photography posing

His dad really wanted to get a picture of the baby in his pilot’s helmet. We did get some, but we laughed at how big he is already for a one week old baby boy! The picture was already done by another photographer, so we tried to recreate it. Our baby must have been 2x as long as the baby in the picture! He was spilling out the top of the helmet….not quite the cozy spot to sleep as we had hoped. You can tell he’s  a long baby by the picture above too….barely contained in his dad’s hands.

affordable newborn photographer in san diego

newborn hands and toes

One of my favorite poses for newborn photos. My favorite parts are the squishy lips, the chubby cheeks, and the hands and feet. You get them all right here….makes me want to gobble him up he’s so ridiculously sweet! I’ve had people look worried or even question if they can lay that way comfortably. That’s exactly why newborn photos should be done in the first 2 weeks of life, while they are still malleable and flexible…and sleepy!

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