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We’ve been watching the olympics.

It’s one of the few “shows” that we will allow to play constantly on the tv without monitoring it and shutting it off when the kids come in the room. So they are seeing a lot of new sports events.

And therefore….

They’ve been practicing.


olympics | kim kelley photo


The “balance beam”.

One of my personal favorites, because it is a slow moving event, good for multiple photo ops in a row.


The ever popular “hold-me-up-headstand-and-I’m-gonna-wear-my-sweater-cause-it’s-cold-in-this-gym” event.

Another favorite…because she looks so much smaller upside down!


olympics | san diego photography


The…uh….”hop along the footprint/handprint mat” event.

Not sure this is official. Haven’t seen it on primetime.

olympics | san diego photography


And the much anticipated medal presentation….

Get those arms up kids!

(I think Payton thinks the kid in blue cheated her out of the gold.)

I’ve never been asked, but I wonder if the gymnastics teachers think my kids are overdressed.

I mean really, who does gymnastics in a full tulle tutu?  Well, my girls do. And they don’t seem to mind it either.

Payton asked to wear her high heels through the class too….but we’ve gotta draw the line somewhere.


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