Old Town | Kim Kelley Photography

I took the girls to Old Town to hang out for the afternoon.

They loved it. I didn’t think it would be so exciting to them, but I guess they are simple folk.

The highlight was a rootbeer float. It was advertised on this enormous sign right in the town square where we were hanging out.

Can’t get away with anything now that Harper can read.

And it was buy one get one free.

So we went home on a crazed sugar high.

But not before we snapped a few shots.

Here they are on the cannon.

Old Town Park San Diego

How about a different angle on the cannon?

Old Town San Diego

‘Scuse me?

What’s that?

You’d rather NOT have bird poop in the picture, right by your child’s face?

January 18, 20147-2

Oh ok. Picky, picky.

That better?

I can’t guarantee her hands didn’t get in it.

Good thing you don’t eat rootbeer floats with your fingers!


And finally….what’s a photo shoot with my girls if Payton isn’t complaining that Harper is too close to her, infringing on her space, and it’s ……”not faaaaaaiiiiirrrrr!”

January 18, 20148

Thanks Old Town.

Back soon to do more of nothing. It was a good day.

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