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Oceanside Pier family photos at sunset | Kim Kelley Photography

I love, love, love this family. And since they moved to 29 Palms, I’ve missed being able to do their seasonal photos.  Seasonal may seem like too many photo sessions, which I guess it would be, except it seems like ever since I met them, every season has been something to celebrate. A birth, a 6 month milestone, a first birthday, another birth, Christmas photos, another birthday…the list goes on. But you won’t hear me complaining, because I don’t think I ever laugh as hard as I do when I’m with this family trying to get family photos!



They wanted to do Oceanside Pier family photos during their last trip out to San Diego this summer.  I had never been there, but I’m glad I was convinced to try it, because the variety of backdrops were endless and so much fun.

The girls loved running up and down the pier.


Until they didn’t.

This little one was not convinced that she needed to wear shoes, so she refused, just like big sis. But when a splinter caught the bottom of her foot, she was nonplussed and sat right down to complain about it. (oops! Sorry about the close up of last weeks pedi!)

And this is why Susan (the mother of these little beauties) and I laugh so hard at these photo shoots. The girls just carry on and do their thing until something goes majorly wrong. Sometimes that’s Susan’s fault (like walking away from her daughter so she can be photographed alone…how many photos do I have of her girls crying because she stepped away? A ton!) and sometimes it’s by accident. Either way, these girls have the BEST outtakes and I think that’s part of the reason Susan keeps coming back. 🙂






But let’s not focus on the negative. (well, let’s see….negative? Or utterly hilarious and worth my trip up to Oceanside? Poor girls…I won’t confirm I enjoyed the outtakes).


There were some awesome sunset beach shots as well, so we will call this photoshoot a success!


She’s got a future in jumping straight up in the air. What kind of career can you get with that skill?[/caption]

A great evening for Oceanside Pier family photos…..only made that much better by the company I was with.

Don’t let this be the last time I see you girls!! 🙂


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