Oceanside, CA Family Beach Photography | Kim Kelley Photo

Family Beach Photography, Oceanside, CA | Kim Kelley Photo

Family Beach Photography

I love meeting families at the beach for their photo shoots. This little family of three has been visiting with me every 6 months since their little girl was born, and it was finally time to hit the beach for some family photos.

We met at the pier in Oceanside early one weekend morning. I just need to point out, this sweet family is SO laid back and easy going, they make all my stress melt away the minute I meet up with them. As a newborn, this little firecracker had a blowout including pee, poop and spit up, all at once, while dad was holding her….he changed her without seeming to notice what a horrible mess and string of bad luck had just befallen him.  For her 6 month old photos they drove over an hour away to meet me at the designated location, called to see if they were in the wrong spot when I hadn’t shown up after 20 minutes, and then finally left when I never did contact them. I was at my daughter’s basketball game and never heard my phone. So after the game, an hour after they had called looking for me, I called them back, anxiously, to tell them the photo shoot was for TOMORROW!! No problem they say, we’re just going to grab some lunch and head home, we’ll see you tomorrow. No worries!  I could not stop thinking to myself if Tom and I had driven with a baby over an hour only to find out we had to do it all over again the next day. We wouldn’t have felt like having lunch, we would have wanted to punch ourselves in the face. And then most recently, this photo shoot at the beach, they again showed their unfaltering coolness when their  baby discovers the ocean, and the waves, and the love of the water….no matter that it’s barely 70 degrees outside, and likely 62 degrees in the water. You’ll see those photos at the end…they are my favorite. Maybe ever. The joy, it’s pure, it’s fantastic.

Beach photos at sunrise

So, it wasn’t really “sunrise” when we met, but sure could have been. Tough to get out of bed at 7am on a weekend to make it up to Oceanside by 8:00. But we did it!

Most people think that beach photography should only happen at sunset. They are so wrong! Beach photos in the early morning have their own type of gorgeous light. There is mist, there is a pink hue, there is a dreamy sort of look to the sky that I love just as much as I love sunsets. So if someone suggests meeting at the beach at sunrise (or your version of sunrise), for family photos, don’t pass it up! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Plus, there is no better feeling than getting your family photos out of the way before breakfast. No need to stay clean all day and worry about how to plan your activities around the time you’ll need to get ready for afternoon photos.


18 month old girl on oceanside pier18 month old girl on oceanside pier18 month old girl on oceanside pier | family beach photography

18 month old girl with family under pier | family beach photography18 month old girl with dad at beach | family beach photography


18 month old girl in oceanhappy 18 month old girl in ocean18 month old girl happy to be falling in ocean | family beach photography

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