North County San Diego | Newborn baby boy

North County San Diego | Newborn baby boy


While I’m on the topic of baby boys….

Meet Greg.

He’s adorable….and good thing too, because he’s an example of how the best laid plans…..well, you know the rest.

Poway baby boy photography

I work at the hospital with both of his parents.

In fact, I have my office desk right next to his mom. So for many months I was  able to watch her belly grow, talk about maternity leave, when her parents will come, how older brother Jack will be introduced, all the fun stuff about a new baby. (See Jack’s adorable 1 year old photos here)

Oh yeah, there was a quick discussion about how her husband will be in Vietnam the 2 weeks prior to her due date.

But no worries, she had her OB schedule an induction for the day after he got back. He can rest for the day, and then take her to the hospital in the morning. Her parents will be there to watch Jack.


Plan your work, work your plan.

Greg had a different plan, and he decided to arrive while dad was in Vietnam, before his grandparents arrived, and while Jack was snuggled up in his bed, in oblivion.

Suddenly, Jack has plans for his first sleepover at a friends house (Jack is 2).

Dad is sent home from Vietnam (not quickly though, by any means).

And mom is having a baby several weeks early.

Who’s in charge?


Poway baby boy photography


Yep. Greg’s in charge.

Again, good thing you’re ridiculously adorable.



Poway baby boy photography

This peacefully sleeping baby was not having the ideal photo shoot, where he falls into a deep sleep and doesn’t even notice I’m there,  but he faked it pretty well.

Aside from being a bit on the “older” side,  he allowed me to mess with him a little and manipulate his positions to some degree, but he didn’t give it up to me completely. No bending over at the waist to lay down and suck your toes for this guy.

And forget soothing white noise in the background to lull him to sleep.  He had Kung Fu Panda cartoons playing on repeat behind him, while his older brother sat just a few feet away and watched.

Poway baby boy photography

But I guess if he doesn’t care, I don’t care.

He was a champ, and the rest of the family too, for putting up with me for 4 hours!

Poway baby boy photography

I’d like to tell you this is the “so happy it’s over!” smiles I got at the end of the shoot. But actually, this was at the beginning.


This was the end…

Poway baby boy photography


Poway baby boy photography

Welcome little baby…..

it may have been a chaotic entrance into this world, but you’re in good hands now.


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