The one New Year Resolution you need to keep

Friday, January 5, 2018

 New Year Resolutions


Breaking New Year Resolutions

Of all your new year resolutions, which one do you think you’ll commit to all year long?
I like to make the usual resolutions, regarding sugar, exercise, me-time….and then I like to promptly break them and fall back into my usual bad habits of eating lots of sugar, not exercising enough, and never carving out me-time (note to the 2 young girls in my house, “girl time” does not mean MORE time with you! It means “old girls my own age” time. )

There are other, less pressing or less interesting resolutions that I have made over the years too, but those are also soon forgotten after the ink has dried.

Keep THIS New Year Resolution

But the one resolution I encourage you to make, and keep, is to resolve to preserve family memories through a combination of portraits, videos and snapshots this year. You need all of them. And you need a lot of them. Look at photos of your kids on your phone from 3 months ago, and it might not seem like a big change. Look at photos of your kids from 3 years ago, and I bet you’ll have a thought similar to mine: “I wish there were more”. No matter how many photographs I have of my girls, I always want more. Have you ever been looking through old photos and are suddenly struck by a memory of a face your child used to make that made you laugh, or an adorable way she used to squat on her haunches to look at bugs on the ground, or the favorite stuffed bunny who went EVERYWHERE ? Have you searched and searched for a photo to relive that time and been disappointed that you can’t find it?

The Photos You Need

I can’t help you with past years, and moments you can’t get back, those are gone for good. I am sorry if that sounds harsh, but it’s true. And venturing on the side of rude for a minute, let this be a lesson to you! Pick up your camera and take snapshots every day! Video record her reading because you’ll never believe her voice was that tiny and squeaky and cute! And hire a photographer once a year and have them capture the whole family, so you aren’t the forgotten member, the one who is never seen in front of the lens. And let them take photographs that blow your mind, that you want up on your wall as artwork, and that one day, (I promise), will be your favorite possession.  I can’t think of a better resolution to keep, the preservation of your family. Priceless.


classic maternity photography {Kim Kelley Photography San Diego}

maternity belly with gauze wrap | Maternity and newborn photography San Diego



awake newborn baby looking at camerasleeping newborn baby girl with dark hair and chin on handsprecious newborn baby girl sleeping on her back on organic white backdrop and white blanket covering her with arms above her headside lying newborn with cream colored wrapB&W holding newborn baby up in his handsnewborn twin girls with pink headband and tutuyoung brother and sister hugging in parkdad and toddler in fancy dress on beachyoung girl in park with golden haze

Christmas on the beachDel Mar beach sunset family photospreschool portrait on black backdrop

young family on grass with sailboat harbor


senior boy photossenior girl leaning backwardssenior girl photos Del Mar Beachsenior girl photos Del Mar Beachgorgeous blonde lying on train platform

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