Newborn baby girl 6 days old | La Jolla photographer

This little girl tried to sabotage our photo shoots. Newborn photo shoots are so much easier if I arrive to newborns sleeping!

The first attempt was at my house, and she came with her mom and grandpa, and cried almost the whole time. But it was not a wasted day, because watching her grandpa love all over her was worth it……it was beyond precious.

The second attempt I went to their house. I instructed them to keep her from napping all morning, don’t feed her til I get there, and crank your heat up to 80. When I arrived at 9am mom and dad looked miserable. They were hot and exhausted and had tried to ignore a crying baby for 2 hours. Great at following directions, just not a great morning for the family in general.

And she STILL didn’t want to cooperate! Every time we moved her from mom’s arms to the set up for the photos she cried. Until finally….the heating pad under the blanket idea. Wow. Does THAT ever work!

Guess what I just bought in preparation for my newborn shoot tomorrow……

And here are some of the final results. A warm sleeping baby….makes for some beautiful pictures. Finally.

Kim Kelley Photo-sleeping baby

Kim Kelley Photo-newborns

Kim Kelley Photo-newborn photos

Kim Kelley Photo-Baby Annie

Kim Kelley Photo-newborns

Kim Kelley Photo

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