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I have been in the professional photography business for about 9  years, and newborns are one of my favorite subjects. I have learned a ton over the years, and have finally perfected my formula for capturing those darling babies. I’ve come a long way from laying my own daughter flat on her belly. With her arms and legs stretched out and her face planted right on the (way too busy and colorful) blanket, wondering why my final product didn’t look quite right.

I like to photograph my newborn clients in their own home. Everyone is more relaxed, we can get personal items included in the photos, get shots on the parent’s bed, in the baby’s nursery. And when the baby needs to take a break and eat, mom is more comfortable breastfeeding in her own home. It’s also easy to incorporate siblings into the photos, and then release them to go play somewhere else in the house. Or as is often the case, leave the house altogether with dad!

All I need is light, heat, and a couple weeks notice, and I can give you newborn portraits that you will cherish forever. Don’t hesitate, this time of tiny fingers, puckered lips, fresh bellybuttons, and sleepy smiles goes way too fast….preserve as many memories as you can, it’s worth it.

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