Newborn twins Oceanside

Newborn twins.


I am soooo lucky I got the chance to meet these sweet babies, (and their awesome parents).

A dear friend of mine referred them to me, but Jen, their mom, couldn’t get a hold of me (via Facebook of course! I told you I’m breaking up with FB. And here’s another reason why.)

But luckily my friend insisted she keep trying, so she finally just texted me. And thank goodness she did.

I had such a fun morning with these cuties!


newborn twin photography San Diego

I couldn’t find my own assistant to bring along ( a necessity with newborn twins), so Jen made arrangements for a friend of hers to be there instead.

He was amazing!

A true baby whisperer….he could feed, cuddle, rock and put these babies to sleep! A bachelor ladies… may want to ask me details about this guy….he’s already got the daddy thing down! 🙂

newborn twins

But they didn’t ALWAYS stay asleep, and that’s kind of a problem when you are trying to wrangle two not-sleeping babies into position.

So Jen had a solution. Or should I say a “fix”.

She had a tiny little syringe of Sweet-Ease. For those of you who don’t know about this stuff, you’re gonna wish you could go back to your own children’s newborn days and re-do it with a couple cases of this stuff!

It’s just sugar water….but for the younger crowd, it’s like baby crack.  And Jen wasn’t afraid to give them a hit when they started to fuss.

In fact, they would just stir a little bit, and she was on top of them like an addict with their dealer.

A tiny drop on their tongue or lips  and the fussing would cease and they’d smack their lips, (smile?), and settle back down into position. newborn twin photography San Diego

Sometimes they even felt good enough to hold hands.

And believe me, 10 day old babies would rather NOT be holding hands.

But sometimes, even baby heroin doesn’t work, and as a baby girl, you just feel like you want to strangle your baby brother.

(Not to worry, she’s weak, and he did not suffer any real injury during this photoshoot.)

newborn twin photography San Diego


Hopefully these sweet babies are not attacking each other, but instead are sleeping peacefully like this right now.

I can’t imagine anything more fun than raising boy and girl twins!

I know their parents are absolutely over the moon in love with these two, and I know the love will continue to intensify…even as the number of sleeping hours per day goes in the opposite direction.


newborn twins


Congratulations Jen and Keith! Hope to see more of these cutie pies in the future!!   🙂



Thanks for looking!

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