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Lifestyle vs newborn photography session

The chance to do this adorable newborn twin girl photography session just dropped in my lap a few months ago. The travel company that the twins mother works at contacted me to purchase a photography session as a gift for her.  I absolutely said yes, but convinced them to purchase a lifestyle photography session vs a newborn session since the babies were preemies and in the NICU for weeks, so at the time of the photo session would be 3 months old.

Fast forward to booking the session. The mother of the twins called to set up a time and I told her how the lifestyle session would be more appropriate. I found out she had 2 older boys, and told her how we can incorporate the brothers and get group portraits and family portraits and…..she shut me down. She REALLY wanted a newborn session. Just her baby girls, the twins, posed and primped and perfect. She wanted to send the (rambunctious, not eager to participate in a photo shoot) boys off to preschool and have a pink, quiet photo shoot with her newborn twin girls. She convinced me. But possibly only because she has this fantastic Australian accent that I loved listening to and probably would have agreed to anything as long as she just kept talking.

Baby Twin Girls

These sweet babies stole my heart immediately! They were about the size of newborns, maybe a tiny bit bigger, but they were not as flexible or willing to go into the typical newborn poses. 🙂  Smart girls.   So we did what we could, and they were as sweet as can be. They look very different, one dark skin and dark hair, the other one very light. Their mom says they already have very different personalities too. But I couldn’t get enough of either one of them.

Twins are so much fun to photograph. You can see the connection between them. They did ok when I had them alone for individual portraits, but they would instantly settle down and get more relaxed when I had them together.  I’d force them to hold hands…no problem. Put them cheek to cheek….fine by them. Stack them on top of each other….didn’t even seem to notice. I love the combinations you can do with twins. The only drawback, having two babies in a deep sleep at the same time, not always easy. But with mom and grandma’s help, feeding, rocking, cuddling, we got it done.

sleeping newborn baby girl with white backgroundsleeping newborn girl with purple headbandB&W of newborn twins holding hands newborn twin girl photographybaby twin girls with flower headbands newborn twin girl photographyCuddling newborn twin girls photographyNewborn twin girls holding hands newborn twin girl photographyprofiles of sleeping newborn twin girlsB&W of sleeping, wrapped, newborn twin girls

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