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I love doing newborn photography




 I got a chance to head down to Coronado for a newborn photography shoot a few weeks ago. I was stunned to see this gorgeous mama looking more like she just stepped out of a modeling agency vs coming out of a delivery room a week prior! She also had a calmness and ease about her, as if she’s been doing this mothering thing forever. You’d never guess this was her first baby, she acted like a seasoned pro.

If I were to choose a perfect newborn photography scenario, this would probably be it. A light and airy home with hardwood floors and neutral colors. A gorgeous mom and dad who are super relaxed and happy to sit back and kill a few hours while I work with the baby. And a baby who took a good feeding early on, kept a full tummy, and stayed mostly asleep through the whole photoshoot. What more could I ask for? …..ummmm…more of these newborn photoshoots please!!!

So after that glorious introduction, I thought it only proper to start off the photos with baby Griffin’s least favorite moment. This was actually one of the very last photos I took. He was pretty much over it. He had been propped, moved, twisted, turned and molded into so many different poses, and he took it like a champ, but he was over it. Being a newborn photographer, you have to know how to manipulate the newborns into the correct position to get the perfect photo, but you also need to recognize when enough is enough. This sign was pretty obvious.  Griffin has had enough.

Coronado California in-home newborn photography

I love it when moms let me run with my newborn photo ideas. As a artiest every newborn portrait is a creative process. I want to make sure every portrait is different and special in its own way. This sweet baby girl come to snuggle with me in my Tallahassee Florida newborn photography studio.

Another hilarious moment you’ll see below is when we added the 4th member of the family into the photoshoot. The dog. Who doesn’t know he’s a dog, but rather thinks he’s the most important family member and does his best to get into EVERY SINGLE PHOTO.  And he’s stealthy too. He can start way back at the threshold to the bedroom and be on top of the bed (where everyone else is) in a single leap. I am actually amazed that baby Griffin doesn’t have paw marks on his face and chest. Somehow that agile little dog missed landing on the baby every time, but watching it happen caused a minor heart attack for me every time as well. And the cool, collected parents? Yeah, they didn’t break a sweat. I love though that when we finally invited him up to be in the family photo, he was a perfect model and looked right into the camera.

Again, what more could I ask for? It was the perfect newborn photography set up!


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