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Monday January 8th, 2018

 Newborn Baby Girl Photography

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Sleeping Babies

There is nothing more precious than a sleeping baby, both for the mother, and for the photographer. And this little one did us proud by sleeping through the entire photo shoot, with one short break for a feeding.

Little baby Piper is the first born for a dear friend of mine. When she asked me to come take her newborn photos we made a party out of it.

She had me, her mom, and 2 of our friends over. Then her husband came home from his overnight shift at work and cracked a beer open at 10 am, since it was his “evening”.  This sounds like a blast, and the best photo shoot I’ve ever been to, except for the fact that all 7 of us were packed into the guest room where I chose to set up due to the great light in there. I was snugly packed between the bed and the window, with barely any room to turn around, and then the other 5 people crammed in too, so it was a little bit too cozy. Add to that the amount of talking and laughing that ensued, we are lucky this little lady stayed as calm as she did. I finally kicked them all out and we completed the session in peace.

Decorating the house with photographs

I almost exclusively have photographs in my house to decorate my walls. I have a few pieces of art, but for me, the greatest works of art are the beautiful photographs of my family. I have returned to a few homes to get repeat photos of 2nd and 3rd children, and I absolutely love it when I see photos that I took of their family proudly displayed throughout the house. One client/friend of mine likes to send me videos of her homes, now that she lives overseas, to show me how great her huge 20×30 canvases look hanging in the new house. This is what I loved about returning to the house where Piper lives. I saw photographs on the wall that I took when her parents first got engaged. I remember it like yesterday, but can’t believe how much has happened since those sweet innocent lovebirds got engaged. And now they can add their newborn baby girl photography to their walls.

I think that is why so many photographers push to sell prints to their clients, not just digitals. If you receive the print in the mail, you are going to hang that sucker right up. If you receive only the digitals, you will likely do what I do, sit on them for months stewing over which one to print, how big, frame or canvas, where will I hang it….etc, etc, etc…..til months go by and you haven’t done anything, and you possibly even forgot to keep thinking about it.

So my final plea. Take photos of your children. Take them often. Hire a photographer once a year (or more!) to capture the whole family and provide you with works of art to decorate your house. Those little babies change so quickly, and grow so fast,  you do not have the luxury of putting it off. And once your “baby” is in junior high, you’ll say “next year we’ll do it”, but you might not. You might put it off again. And again. Don’t. Because before you know it, you’ll have senior photos…and then wedding photos, and you won’t even know where the time went.
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