New Years Eve 2013

Happy New year!!

I have heard many people mention that they are glad 2013 is over…bring on 2014, and may it be a better year.

I don’t feel that way. I am actually a little sad every time a year ends. I hate the feeling that time goes by faster and faster every year.

So although we had some rough times in 2013, as everyone did, I am not happy to see it go.

And I know 2014 won’t go by without a hitch, there will be tough moments in every year.

I just wish for one thing this year, as I wish for every year.

To slow down, to enjoy my family and my friends, to be present in the day to day offerings.

Sometimes I catch myself wanting time to hurry up. I rush the girls on our walks, telling them to catch up, speed up, keep up.

But why?

Usually when I’m rushing everyone it’s during an activity that is supposed to be fun! And would be fun, for the kids, if I would stop hounding them to hurry up!

So this year, as with all the years in the past, I will try to slow down, enjoy the time, and not rush through it.

The last week of this year we did have some fun.

We went whale watching the day after Christmas, and spent New Years Eve at the Legoland Kids Party.

Here are some pictures.

Happy New year everybody…..


This is the whale watching trip. We went about 4.5 miles out, and caught up with a few whales. It was breathtaking. There were a few moments that you hope to see when whale watching….when the big tail makes it all the way out of the water and smashes down again. There’s a name for that. I don’t remember what, but we did get to see it, and it was spectacular.

There are no pictures of the whales themselves. This was one of those moments that I wanted to just watch, and be amazed, and not worry about capturing the perfect picture. I’m glad I did it that way, but I’m sorry there are no whale tails to show you.

December 26, 201319December 26, 201318December 26, 201313December 26, 20139



And this was yesterday at Legoland.

They had quite a party. With snow days still going on, the girls and Tom got to go sledding and play in snow. And there was a fireworks show and dozens of kids bands playing concerts. The girls loved it. And I’m proud (yes proud) to say I was in bed by 9:15. I laughed with Tom telling him to look around, a lot of these parents are going to celebrate here with their kids, and get them home in time to still (easily) go out and celebrate at an adult party! But not us. 6pm fireworks were good enough for me.

December 31, 201321December 31, 20132

December 31, 20138

December 31, 201314December 31, 201315December 31, 201316December 31, 201317

This was Payton in the car on the ride home. We always give them our iPhones at the end of the day if we are late driving home, it’s the only way we can keep them awake until we make it home. Thank God for technology.

December 31, 201328

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