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New kitty

This is what we’ve been doing with our time….. (as Tom explains it: watching this little guy play for hours on end and we sit and watch and let our minds go to waste)….but oh isn’t it a fun way to waste time…and our minds

This is Sammy.

new kitty

Sammy the ragdoll

We got him on Saturday, the day before Mother’s day. So as you can guess, mom (me) was not a very exciting family member to hang out with on Sunday. It was all about Sammy. And has been for the last 2 weeks.

He is a ragdoll kitten. And I stress the word kitten, because he is only 14 weeks old, but he looks like a 6 month old. So he will undoubtedly be HUGE. That’s what we wanted, but now that I see him and how fast he’s growing, I wonder if we are in over our heads. Or will be one day soon.

new kitty photography

loving ragdolls

We question if he will ever really get full use of his legs, because he is rarely allowed to walk anywhere on his own when the girls are around.

He’s also not allowed to sleep much if they can see him.

This is what he looks like when he “sleeps” with the girls around.

kids and pets photography

PK and Sammy

kim kelley photography


And this is what he looks like when 9pm rolls around and he’s finally safe to let loose and sleep the way he wants to sleep without also being hyper-vigilant that small hands are about to grab him around the tummy and pick him up like a folded sleeping bag.

kim kelley photography

kitty sleep

What we love about Sammy though is no matter how much abuse he gets from the girls (disguised as love), he always comes back to them. He’s like a little golden retriever, always looking for people to hang around with, and always seeking out the girls first. It just amazes me. Most cats I know would be deep under the bed by now…right in the middle, where nobody can reach him.

kim kelley photo

the kitty

There are times when the girls know they shouldn’t pick him up. Like when he’s eating, sipping water, or trying to use the litter box. That’s ok with them. They will gladly just get down on the floor and kiss him while involved in the above mentioned actions. There is no personal space, no protected time, and no privacy. Sorry Sammy. I’ve been dealing with the same issues for the last 6 years.

Welcome to the family.

pet photography

kitty love

If you have kids, are looking for a kitten that is perfect for young families, you should consider this amazing ragdoll breed. He’s just like a dog, but more compact, and less maintenance.

The family we got him from is wonderful, and not too far out of San Diego…..if you’re interested…Ragdoll kittens for sale

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  • MalSammy is adorable! He loves his family! He knows he’s a lucky lucky boy! He is going to be loved every day, all day for the rest of his life!ReplyCancel

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