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Boudoir portrait photography is more than just a ‘sexy photo shoot’.  I cringe when I hear people talking about it in such a casual way.  To me, boudoir photography is a beautiful journey of self discovery.  It’s about EMPOWERMENT, showing your FEMININITY, and proving your STRENGTH. It’s about giving HONOR to your body, displaying TRIUMPH, and most of all, CELEBRATING who you are right now.

A Story That Changed My Course

A good friend had her own boudoir session a few year ago, and she told her story to me.  She was uncomfortable, nervous, and was teary eyed the entire time.  She didn’t feel the photographer was listening to her suggestions of how to feel more comfortable during the session. And a few times put her in compromising positions where she felt vulnerable and unsafe. It was hearing about that very experience that molded me into the portrait photographer I am today.  I learned SO much from listening to her and promised myself that every client that walks through my door will feel comfortable, beautiful, and most importantly respected.

You’re Comfort Level Is Everything

When I first started I invited everyone to come to my house or my studio just to meet me first. I was so worried that THEY would be worried that I was cat fishing. Never did I want them to think I was pretending to be someone I’m not, or someone just trying to scam them out of a deposit. I think my insistence that we set something up made most of those early clients feel comfortable enough to say they were ok with not coming over before the session. Most of the time chatting on the phone was good enough. And now I’m so busy I don’t have a lot of time for pre consultation visits….but always welcome them if anyone wants them! My first priority is your comfort….above ALL else!

Boudoir photography can truly be an amazing experience.  I am here to lift you up and make you feel unbelievable, because YOU ARE!  Kim Kelley is a natural boudoir photographer.

sunset boudoir session
panties pulled down boudoir session

Boudoir sessions are great for bachelorette parties, wedding gifts for your fiance, anniversary gifts, but most importantly, are an amazing gift just FOR YOU!  If you are interested in booking, please email me at or feel free to give me a call at 858-357-5330.  Upon booking, you will receive a complimentary phone consultation where we will discuss all of the details for the session.  We will go over hair and makeup ideas, outfit changes, product options, and much more.  It would be an HONOR to work with you!


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