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Camp Pendleton World Famous Mud Run 2014

Meet our team…

The Mutha Runnas


camp pendleton mud run

camp pendleton mud run

There is an after picture, and it’s coming, but first let me tell you how close we were to having no after picture….because there was almost no team.

A week prior to the run I felt like we were destined NOT to run this race. How many signs could I keep on ignoring?

From the very start there were participants who reluctantly agreed to sign up.

There were comments like “I hate mud.” And better yet “I hate running.”

The excuses started rolling in: “I broke my back last year! I really shouldn’t be doing this!”

Or how about this lame excuse?? “I’m pregnant!”  (No, we didn’t let her back out. Yes, she ran the mud run 10 weeks pregnant….nauseus all the way I’m pretty sure!)

But I’m good at coercion, and we had a team. And all members of that team agreed to run in the mud.

Then the first drop out.

Her grandma died, she had to go to the memorial that very weekend of the race.

Ok. I get it. No worries. Take care of your family.

Finding a replacement? Not as easy as I thought.

Everyone I asked had a reason not to participate. Some were legit (I’ll be in Hawaii), some were ridiculous (I’m scared of getting campylobacter), and some just flat out refused to respond to my texts (ahem. You know who you are.).

But finally, after a LOT of guilt ridden emails full of threatening and begging and offering up favors I have no business offering…we had a taker. A very reluctant one. But she agreed.

Then she dropped out.

Another death in the family.

Seriously?  Is there a plague I don’t know about?

Ok, I’m sorry. It’s not funny to make fun of death.

But I will say, your timing was impeccable.

You’re excused.

That was almost the end of the mud run.

But then, we got Sochi. And boy can that girl run!

Bring it MuthaRunnas!

Again, we almost failed, because one of us got there, oh, 10 seconds after our wave started? But we waited (leave no man behind), and she got there, and we ripped her shirt off, made her a mutharunna, and got running.

It was so much fun, I’m laughing now just remembering it.

Tried not to laugh too  much while SWIMMING through mud lakes, because you know, campylobacter, but laughed all the rest of the way.

We did it!!

camp pendleton mud run

So…..a little ashamed that this photo was the ONLY after photo we have. And it was taken by the photographer’s husband.  Have I not taught him anything??

So sorry Susan, but I have no after picture with your head up. I think it will make a better story to say you puked 2 seconds after this photo was taken. Because of the pregnancy of course.  You down with that?

The highlight of the day was the after party.

Pizza port, pitchers of beer, sun shining down on us on the outside patio, and Jimmy Buffet blaring through the speakers.

Good life.


Let me give a little shout out to the littlest mud runners!

world famous mud run

Chelsie, in the name of being a good mother, went to the funeral herself, and sent her son with us to run in the mud.

This is their before picture. Looking good! (Tom took this picture. Again, I might have tried to avoid the outhouse lineup had I gotten the shot. )


And this is the IMMEDIATELY before shot. Here’s where it gets dicey.

See Payton’s face?

world famous mud run
world famous mud run
She’s not feeling it.


Now look at this picture. One of these things doesn’t belong. You see it?

world famous mud run

You got it.

Payton is TOO clean.

She bailed at the last moment too.  It was probably a good idea though. She really doesn’t care to get dirty. And look at the other two. Yuck.

Campylobacter kids! Shut your mouths!

After this picture Nico took off to run the final loop a second time, so he could swim through the mud pit one more time.

Here are some action shots.

May 31, 201412
I know, her form is awful. But she’s just happy….she’s not flapping her arms!

May 31, 201417
Here are the only shots I got of the Kazlauskas boys. Those boys are FAST!

May 31, 201413

May 31, 201414

A view of the mud pits…and how much fun they were.  🙂

world famous mud runworld famous mud runMay 31, 201421May 31, 201418

And finally….since this was a marine sponsored race…..the final obstacle was 10  push ups. In mud.


world famous mud run

Not to worry, if anyone thinks Payton was feeling left out. She was very much included.

In the showers.

Yes, the clean girl hopped into the shower with us.

(Told ya getting dirty was not her thing!)

May 31, 201443







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