Mother’s Day

I’m horribly behind with my blog.

I have no idea if anyone cares….I really have no idea how many people read this thing. But I like to think someone other than my sister is interested in this little blog.

And who knows, my sister may not be interested either, but I bet she feels guilty if she doesn’t look at it. She’s good that way. Guilt motivates her. Makes her do the right thing.

A good Catholic girl.

Amazing really.

Since we’re Methodists.


This is Mother’s Day.

La Jolla Shores Beach-Kim Kelley Photography

One of our favorite hang outs.

La Jolla Shores.

La Jolla Shores Beach-Kim Kelley Photography

Tom planned it well.

He booked us a reservation for brunch.

The reservation was at 1:30.

So he told us not to eat breakfast…so we don’t fill up.

And we were too full for dinner later.

So the guy got away with one meal on Mother’s day.

Smart guy.

La Jolla Shores Beach-Kim Kelley Photography

But come on.

It’s a Mother’s day blog post!


Where is the MOM???

Here you go!


La Jolla Shores Beach-Kim Kelley Photography

Mother’s day.

I guess it’s my most favorite holiday.

Because it’s celebrating that I have these two lovely ladies in my life.

I’m pretty lucky.

La Jolla Shores Beach-Kim Kelley Photography

Happy (late) mother’s day to all the moms, grandmas, aunts, sisters, teachers, and friends of mine…because all of you help mold me into the mother I’ve become, and it takes a village.

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  • Leann RobertsLove this picture with you and your adorable little girls!

    Happy late mother’s day to you too. We were in LA with Sharla and James for mother’s day (which happened to be my birthday, too), and I received a wonderful surprise.

    We were at the hotel getting ready to go to Sharla’s apartment for brunch. I looked on my phone and saw an email from Andrea, wishing me happy birthday/mother’s day. She said “I wish I could be there, but maybe this is the next best thing. Your words finally found their music.” I was a bit confused until I opened the attachment of a recording she sent to me.

    I had written her a poem when she moved to Argentina (3 1/2 years ago!), that expressed my feelings for her as she was moving away, and I read it to her (through the tears) right before we took her to the airport. Part of the words were, “Holding on tightly, as I let go…” I told her “Maybe someday I will turn it into a song.”

    Well, she turned it into a song! Imagine my surprise when I listened to the recording she sent me, to hear her singing back to me the words I had written to her years ago! I was so touched, I couldn’t stop crying. Chuck came out of the hotel bathroom and said, “So, are you ready to…what happened?!” I could hardly speak to explain to him what I was listening to!

    We are both so lucky to have our children in our lives. The older they get, the better it gets! I am so grateful to be mother to my beautiful daughters, and aunt to my beautiful nieces!

    (By the way, I am ALWAYS excited to read your latest post…)ReplyCancel

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