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How many of you moms are always BEHIND the camera, and never in front of it? Come join the mini shoots for mother’s day!

How many pictures do you have of everyone else in the family? How many of yourself? Come for the mini shoots for mother’s day!

Who can you count on take a picture of you and your babies? ME! During my mini shoots for mother’s day!

One that you will frame, put on your desktop and look at every day, and smile EVERY. SINGLE. TIME?

For all the mothers that:

give her daughter the last bite of their favorite dessert (even after that same child already slugged down her own piece)

drive back home immediately after dropping her son off at school and back again to bring the forgotten library book

Wash the favorite dress at midnight because she knows her daughter will be heartbroken if she can’t wear it the next day

cook foods they can’t stand to eat themselves because it’s their son’s favorite

stay up into all hours of the night googling how to make the volcano science project erupt so that she’s sure it will not disappoint.

Is this you?

Then come join me for my special Mama and Me mini photo shoots!

20 minutes. (everyone has 20 minutes to spare right?) Saturday May 11th.

3 images on CD, sized for print and for web.  No copyright restrictions.

More images available for additional charge per print.


Memories you will have to cherish for a lifetime.

I’ve already missed out on years of pictures of myself with my own kids…..don’t let this year pass you by!

contact me at to reserve your spot!



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