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August 10,2018

Christmas is Coming!

Scary words huh? Sorry, but there’s no stopping it.  And it’s time to talk mini session! As we are sweating out our eyeballs in the midst of summer, I implore you to think of Christmas. I know you’re cursing me. But it has to be discussed. Do you really want another year to creep up on you and suddenly you’re lying on the couch, feeling sick from too much turkey and stuffing, and realize you don’t have your photos updated for Christmas cards? No, you don’t. You don’t want that. I don’t want it either. But I’ll tell you, I drove like an idiot, probably twice the speed limit, with my girls screaming in the backseat to race the sunset one night last December (YES, DECEMEBER!) to get our Christmas photo done on the only evening we all had free before the actual day of Christmas arrived! Think of fall. Soccer practices, homework, back to school nights, business trips….it’s all coming. Again, no stoppping it. And I literally let the entire fall slip away and found myself with only one single night that both my girls, my husband, and myself were all available. And by futzing around with outfit changes (yep, didn’t plan that out in advance either!) at the last minute, we almost missed our window completely.

Don’t be like me.

Think about this stuff ahead of time. Now, August, is ahead of time. You book your mini session now, and you win!

Book Your Mini Photo Session Now

How many times must I repeat myself? I can keep saying it, but it’s up to you to actually do it.

Every year I have 2 days of mini sessions. I know you guys love these things. You can con your husband and your kids into doing anything for 15 minutes, right? And that’s all I need. I say you will get at least one good photo from the session that you can use on your card, but really, what I see SO often, are Christmas cards with 5 photos crammed onto them from our quick little session. I am happy you get what you need, and I’m happy the family isn’t furious with you for putting them through a longer session, and by the way, I love that you all send me a Christmas card to show off how great you made it look! Thank you.

So, although I haven’t released dates yet, feel free to send me an email or a text and let me know you’re interested. I’m always open to ideas, and if I like your idea, I might use it (for locations).

It’s never too early……

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