kids painting-kim kelley photo |San Diego

kids painting-kim kelley photo

kids painting-kim kelley photo

I can’t keep writing long stories that go along with these pictures. Taking a picture and posting it everyday is exhausting.

Writing about it just about kills me. And does anyone really appreciate my commentary? I mean come on, if I’m doing this for myself, I really don’t need to be doing it for myself!  I think I’m rather hilarious sometimes, but forcing it every. single. day….just not happening for me.

So from now on, maybe only one picture , and not a lot of words. That’s how it’s supposed to be anyway, right?

Not to mention I’ve been at happy hour for the last 3 hours, so words, thoughts, and keystrokes are not coming easy…..

Here’s my picture.


Tom doesn’t allow this during “his” time with the girls. But they need it. So I let this kind of crap happen. And I’m having panic attacks the entire time. But they love it SO much.

And I distinctly remember as a kid myself, being allowed to get messy, and make art, and do projects with glue, and glitter, and use paint that doesn’t come out of skin and hair very easily. And I loved it too.

Kids need this. I sure don’t, but kids do.

p.s. we thought about putting on smocks later. Much later. whoops.

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