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mom photo-kim kelley photo

Motherhood photo-San Diego photography

I decided to get in on the fun. I got into one of the pictures for my Project 365. It’s my motherhood photo…since we rarely get any of those!

I actually put the camera on the timer and the girls and I would race to the designated location and wait for the shutter release. Most of my locations turned out to be too dark. Or the crop was too tight and someone got cut off. But outside on the couch was perfect. The only thing missing is Payton.

She’s stubborn. She refused to run. And actually, she insisted on running in FRONT of us just as the picture was about to take. Lucky for me, she’s shorter than the table the camera was on, so no matter how slowly she passed by, she could not get into the picture.

I’ll get you next time girly….you can run, but you can’t hide!

(not with something like Project 365 going on!)

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