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I can’t believe how long ago this New Orleans trip was! And I still have pictures I want to post about it.

We always have a great time when we visit Tom’s sister and her family in New Orleans. But this visit, our first trip during Mardi Gras, was the absolute best.

We arrived on a Sunday, and the first parade wasn’t until the next Friday, so allllll week the girls prepared themselves for how it was going to go down.

Mardi Gras masks they wore around all day long…..

Mardi Gras marks

Testing the strength of their necks by piling on as many Mardi Gras beads from previous years as they could.

And notice they are in nightgowns…

This ritual started up everyday, at daybreak. No time to waste being underdressed without beads.


mardi gras

Of course they are in heels.

Glamorous Mardi Gras girls all dressed up in beads, and high heels at 7:15am.

And if you happen to be at Aunt Colleen’s house playing dress up with a bunch of fake, plastic beads, of course you will be wearing Prada heels to go along with it.

mardi gras

Thanks for showing us the good life Aunt Colleen and Uncle Allen!

We will be back for more…guaranteed!

New Orleans



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