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Sorry, I’ve been away a long time, I know….

These holidays sort of snuck up on me, and now I have to schedule in time to breathe when I’m writing and re-writing my daily, (YES, daily) lists of what I have to do, buy, cook, find, make.

I keep saying, if I make it to Dec 9th, I’ll be fine, make it to Dec 9th, Dec 9th, 9th…..

But back to Lincoln.

LOVE this boy!!! I never really wanted a boy after having two girls, but I’d take this cutie in a heartbeat! He is SOOOO smiley and happy and just aims to please at our every 3 month photo shoots.

He’s 9 months here. Not really good at balancing, and not too concerned about his lack of skill.

I told his mom and dad to stay close, if their hand reaches out to steady him I’ll crop it out of the final image.

They didn’t stay too close. Not enough for my comfort. They are pretty laid back.

He never fell, thank goodness, but it was iffy there for a few minutes.

His mom told me later, “I am not too worried if he falls, or gets hurt, because you’re a nurse practitioner, you could help him. ”

Me: laughing, smiling, giving her a look like “Oh you’re sweet, thank you for thinking I could save the day, but that’s not true. ”

Her: not smiling or laughing. “No really. I am serious. ”

Oh. my. goodness. Thank god this kid didn’t fall and get hurt and I would be expected to save his life, fix his head injury, and stop the bleeding with my camera, and my camera bag. Oh yeah, and a bottle of bubbles.

what do they think I carry with me in my car?

And his mom is a lawyer…..

Maybe next time I shoot a 9 month old I’ll leave the stool at home.

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