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So what am I missing here…days 26-31? Crap.

That’s 6 days? I don’t think I have a picture each day. In fact, I know I don’t.

The days I work til 6pm I usually can’t get a picture. So maybe I have 4 to post.

I tried last night. But I pushed it too late. It was going to be a cute  reading picture with the girls and me in Payton’s bed.

That’s the problem.

Harper isn’t really allowed in Payton’s bed.

So I spend 10 minutes fiddling with my camera settings, and then I try to set the camera in the perfect position for a timed photo. Of course it can’t just sit on the dresser, that’s the wrong height. So I stay seated on my butt and look at what’s around me to stack up to put under the camera for the right position. I try books (thin ones….Kindergarten reader-type, would have needed to use about 200, but only had 3), clothes, stuffed animals, pillows, CD cases. All horrible, horrible stacking choices, yet I waste more and more time trying to make it work.

You’d think I’d realize that if I would just walk to a different room, I’d find a taller stool, a sturdier book, or a freakin tripod (yes I have one, ever think to use it? No. Never.), but no, I waste precious time trying to stack what is closest to me. And maybe subconsciously I like how tight and pinchy my jeans feel, so God forbid I expend a few calories walking around!

I think about having Tom take the picture. But, not sure that meets the criteria of ME taking a daily picture.

So as I’m getting set up, and cursing the position of the furniture in the bedroom, because it really inhibits me from getting the right angle, the girls are waiting for me in the bed.

But not patiently.

And when I’m ALMOST ready, just a few books or one thick pair of flannel pajamas shy of the perfect height, all hell breaks loose and the moment is lost.

First there was fighting about WHICH book we we’re going to pretend read for the picture.  And who was going to hold it.

Then there was fighting over who would be on the outer edge of the bed.

Then there was full on maniacal fits of hysterics because Harper was moving every single stuffed animal lined up around Payton’s bed.

Payton valiantly tried to save her animals from being moved to a different (scary) place on her pink fluffy comforter, surrounded by other animals who were probably just as confused. But Harper wanted to finish her job, obviously seeing in her artistic mind a better, more congruent arrangement of animals. Maybe all 4 legged peeps together? Maybe color coded? Maybe those with clothes should be further from her sister who is a source of extreme heat overnight? Whatever, it was not allowed to continue. But in her attempt to finish, she pushed Payton back out of the way, and Payton ended up falling completely off the bed.

Time to put the lens lid back on the camera.

No picture tonight friends.

Thanks for coming.


But here is a nice shot from a few nights before.

Almost ready to get in bed.

Just a “quick” handwritten story about a puppy princess if you don’t mind.

“Almost done Mom!” repeated 112 times before it was really done.

January 28, 201418-2

Payton checking on the progress of the story. Because nothing happens til this story is done. And she’s ready to be done.

Payton definitely done waiting.

Dangling feet accompanied by continuous, melodic whining.

And the puppy princess story? Wadded up in a ball to go into the trash because “I wanted the puppy to be wearing a dress. I forgot. I’ll start over.”

Tomorrow missy. Tomorrow.

January 28, 201419-2


January 28, 201424

The funniest thing about this? I’m still going to try for that reading photo. And now you will all know it was staged.

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