Little Girl Dress Up Session at Presidio Park


Sweet and Sassy

Talk about having to work for your money!! As a San Diego Family Photographer I’m used to pulling out all the stops, but this sweet little baby was not about to give her smiles away for free. I had to work for them (so did her mom!). Luckily her mom is one of my good friends, so it wasn’t difficult to boss her around to try to get little Miss Piper to look and me and give me some love.

This baby is beyond adorable. I have two girls of my own, so I have to watch what I say, but man, she is one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen. We’re talking Gerber commercials. A few of us were talking about it at dinner the other night, looking at both of her parents and then at her, and she doesn’t really look like either one of them we decided. So obviously she’s a real angel just sent down to live with them as she does her work. Maybe that’s why she’s so serious and sassy most of the time….this is real business she’s getting done, she’s not just here to look cute for us. Either way, I will hold you, play with you, and take your picture any chance I get, you are just too much!

San Diego Family Photographer

Yes, that’s what I say I am, but when it comes down to it, taking photos of babies (especially this age) is all I want to do. I always tell people my favorite age to photograph is the 6-12 month old crowd. They can get up on all fours, some can crawl, but hopefully not too fast. Some can pull up to a stand, and some can even walk a little, but again, preferably not too fast. They are super curious, which works well for a family photographer! Having a little kid stare at you (your camera) is perfection! Having them smile or laugh while they are staring at you is even better, and where the real work comes in. The parents need a quick lesson too. They often times stand near by and make funny noises, faces, and call to their children and get great smiles. That’s great, except all my photos the baby is looking away from the camera. So what usually happens is I lay on my belly and focus on the baby, and I instruct the parent to straddle themselves over me and stand right above me with their face down near my camera. That is when the magic happens. Funny looking to passer-bys? Yes, I’m sure. Worth it for the end product? Absolutely!  There’s nothing I won’t do and no way I can embarrass myself enough if it’s going to end up with a cute photo.


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