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Before photo stretch marks

They’re not something we wish for in life but they’re something we can and often do get at some stage of our lives. Whether you’ve got them from having children, an excessive weight or loss of weight, genetics, illness etc there’s many reasons our body develops stretch marks.

Why do we get stretch marks?

One of the most common reasons is pregnancy. As our baby grows, our skin needs to stretch to accomodate the growing room your delvoping baby requires. Weight is also another very common reason for stretch marks. Stretch marks can develop from excess weight stretching your skin. Sometimes you won’t find stretchmarks until you have lost the weight or some of it.

More than 50% of women have stretchmarks. It’s not one of things that only effects a small number of women, unfortunately. Whilst those with stretchmarks will have them of varying degrees. Some will be very faint, others will be very deep, some are still very deep red in colour whilst others have faded over time to more a lighter colour similar to their natural skin.

What can we do about stretch marks?

So what can we do about those stripes we may not have grown to love?
Firstly if you’ve given birth to a child, you can try looking at them as being greatful to have them. Why you may ask, well simply because there are some women who would go to great lengths to have stretch marks from pregnancy. There’s unfortunately too many women who are not able to carry a child of their own and unless it’s through weight issues these woman can never say they got stretchmarks from carrying a child.

There are many different creams and oils on the market that you can use to help reduce the colour and severity of stretchmarks. You can’t really prevent getting stretchmarks but you can help your skin in possibly not get getting them or reducing the chances of really big, deep ones.

Some women have very thin skin which can also increase your chances of earning your “tiger stripes”. Having skin that’s on the thicker side is a big help but unfortunately this is a genetic thing so you’ll get what you get I guess on that one.

Before And After

In the above photos, this provides a great example of the real & unretouched raw image VS what women feel they should look like to others and even themselves.

The gorgeous lady above has a beautiful son whom she loves with all her heart. But she doesn’t love the skin that remains from her pregnancy. Doing a boudoir shoot starts the confidence build by getting you out of your clothes, showing me the parts of your body you don’t love, and beginning the journey of acceptance, and hopefully, one day, back to loving yourself just the way you are now. Confidence, self love and acceptance takes time but every step forward is a step closer.

Let’s Chat About YOUR Boudoir Session!

Get in touch today to book your own session..don’t let stretch marks or any other imperfections stop you any longer. We all have them, but I can help you love what you see! 🙂

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