La Jolla Wind n Sea beach

This is one of my awesome friends from work.

I know Tom is jealous of all these amazing women I’ve met working at the hospital.

And he should be.

This one in particular can make me laugh til my abs burn.

And she’s also very good at guilting me into working out. Even a 7am spin class. ugh.

But I love her.

And her boys….they love her too.



La Jolla Wind n Sea

These sweet little boys are always so happy to see my 2 girls.

It melts my heart to hear how they’ve been asking for the girls to come visit.

They are boys through and through (read: louder than girls, faster moving than girls, messier than girls, wilder than girls), but the oldest one can charm his way into any girls heart. He quickly got to me. And I think Harper AND Payton have succumbed as well.

I don’t know how he learned his moves, but man, he’s good dangerous.

La Jolla Wind n Sea

We took pictures at Wind n Sea beach, not far from their home. I met them at their house and helped dress the boys, accessorize Chelsie, and give everyone the final ok.

Felt like a wedding planner.

Loved it.

Then we were off to the beach for my first photo shoot for Christmas! (I think it was October).

They did awesome, and the boys really got into it.


La Jolla Wind n Sea

As long as I let them jump off rocks….

La Jolla Wind n Sea

Again. And again.

wind n sea

With a few cuddle shots with mom thrown in for good measure. (at my insistence)

La Jolla Wind n Sea

La Jolla Wind and Sea

La Jolla Wind and Sea

Love these little cuties….

La Jolla Wind and Sea

And this crazy little guy? How can you NOT love him??

Well, maybe his brothers aren’t lovin the death grip on their tracheas, but usually he’s well loved.


La Jolla Wind and Sea

Sorry to Rafa, who only made it into one picture.

The “under 10” crowd is just a tiny bit cuter! 🙂


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