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La Jolla Staycation

Last month some dear friends of ours came for a visit.

They used to live here, about 7 or 8 years ago, and stayed for 3 years while Jackson did his pulmonology fellowship at UCSD.

Sarah and Jackson were the first couple Tom and I went out with in San Diego after we all moved here around the same time.

They were the first visitors at the hospital when Harper was born.

They were our go to people when we needed a night out, or a breakfast date, or a day at the beach, or a couples trip to Mexico…and they day they moved back to Nashville was a day I cried like a baby saying goodbye.

But thankfully, they still come visit. It’s not every year, but it’s close, and now they bring their 2 darling kids with them and we are one happy group! They stay in La Jolla and we come down to spend a few nights in the hotel with them and it’s just heaven.

This year was no exception.

March 19, 201424March 19, 201427
The kids picked up right where they left off 2 years ago….

March 19, 201432March 19, 201448March 19, 201451
This is La Jolla!!

Why does that water look like they’re swimming in the Louisiana bayou?


That’s why I’m a pool girl.

March 19, 201454

On our final night at the hotel with them we had a big dinner party, complete with bonfire and smores.

And that is why, every single visit, Sarah tries to convince Jackson to move back to San Diego.

I think one day it will work…..

March 18, 20147
This is only 1/2 the group that showed up for dinner and smores.

People just kept calling other people and the party kept expanding. The funniest guest was a friend of Jackson and Sarah’s from Nashville who happened to call that afternoon to see if Jackson could recommend any restaurants in San Diego, because he was there on a business trip. Not knowing he was calling Jackson as he was sitting on the beach in San Diego. So his dinner recommendation was come to the beach party where we are! Such a crazy coincidence.

March 18, 201417March 18, 201415
Smores time!

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, as messy as sticky marshmallow goo and sand.
March 18, 201412March 18, 201411
There is also nothing cuter than watching a kid thoroughly enjoy a good smores. No matter how messy you see him get…..

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