La Jolla Farmers Market | 365: day 19

Almost every Sunday we end up at the La Jolla Farmer’s market.

The day usually progresses like this (food wise):

-latte from the coffee stand in the back (don’t know this guys name, but should)

-Mango and papaya cup

-chicken burrito from Belinda’s burritos

-cookies from the cookie lady who’s from New Orleans (should really know her name too)

Then there is playing on the 2 playgrounds and listening to the live music.

Then there’s the fight as to whether or not the girls get either A. face painting, B. balloon sculpture or C. both.

Tom and I always vote for D. none.

Because without fail, before we even leave the market, someones balloon will pop, or someone will touch their face and smear their painting (and the other child will be ALL too quick to point it out to the unsuspecting face smearer…then tears ensue, and then the words “It’s not fair!” get thrown around). So really, D is the only good choice.

After all that, everyone is pretty much ready to go. But before we go, there is mad scrambling to buy fruit and veggies to take home. Yesterday we bought 4 pints of blueberries. Only 2 pints actually made it to the car, the other 2 were inhaled in about 6 minutes on the way from the playground to the market exit.

Here are 2 pics I got. I was worried vendors may tell me to stop taking pictures of their food. Or charge me for it. So I didn’t get as many as I wanted.

January 19, 20141

I find it hilarious that the focus is on the raspberries here. My most hated fruit.

But this picture is for my friend who will drive 20 miles just to get this trio fruit basket.

La Jolla Farmers Market

And the tomatoes. Just had a conversation the other day at work about how tomatoes from the store are like cardboard, and homegrown are like candy.

My mouth is kinda watering looking at these guys….

See ya next Sunday LFM!!


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