San Diego Family Photographer | La Jolla

San Diego Family Photographer | La Jolla

I am so excited to share these photos of this super cute family! Not only were they great sports (it started raining during our photo shoot, but they stayed calm and stayed out in the rain with me), but they were a good looking bunch, and they had such a great time it was hard not to laugh through the entire shoot! We met in the woodsy area of La Jolla, near UCSD. It was a beautiful backdrop for this well-clad crew!

The gorgeous lady in the middle is Harper’s 4th grade teacher. I know, maybe I have said this before, but she’s my FAVORITE (4th grade teacher that Harper has ever had….there, a qualifier so as not to upset any of the OTHER favorite teachers!:)  But really, if Tom and I could have hand picked anyone ourselves, we would have never even expected to get as lucky as we got with her. Harper feels 100% the same way.

The adorable kid on the right is her own 4th grade son. Harper calls him Red Tyler because there are 2 Tylers in the 4th grade and he’s the one with red hair. Just looking at him right now as I type this I have a huge smile on my face. How can you NOT smile back at him? He looks like the categorical child star. That face, those cheeks, those freckles, the smile…love that kid! And he has the personality to match. You’ll see some of it in the photos to follow…..he’s a ham.  Her older son behaved as you would expect a middle school-aged boy to behave. He spent the majority of the time pretending  he wasn’t there with us. But he gave me some genuine smiles, and he’s a handsome boy, so all was forgiven.

To wrap this up, let me say that I love all of these pictures of the Cole family. I think it shows their personalities spot on. But there is no picture I love more than the photo of all of them hugging and Mrs. Cole throwing her head back and laughing. This is how I see her when I’m with her, this is how I picture her with a class full of 4th graders who’ve come unhinged, and this is how I imagine her at home with her own 3 boys. Such a great family….such an AMAZING teacher, and above all, just an extraordinary person.  (did I score an A for Harper yet??)

🙂 Love you to pieces!

San Diego Family Photographer | La Jolla woods

San Diego Family Photos in La Jolla woods near UCSDSan Diego Family Photographer | La JollaSan Diego Family Photographer | UCSD La Jolla


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