La Jolla Cove-the Caves

La Jolla Cove-the Caves

We had our dear friend, (and Harper’s godfather) visit us this weekend.

La Jolla Cove

Luckily it was nice enough on Saturday to get out and go for a hike in La Jolla.

Ok, ok, not really a hike. I know that conjures up bad memories…and for me some PTSD. (don’t know what I’m talking about?  See this post )

It was more of a walk, along the La Jolla cove….as you move away from the seals, and heard towards La Jolla Shores.

La Jolla Cove

But there are lots of benches to sit on along the way, some fun bridges to run across, and some very unprotected cliffs that one false move and you could plummet to either a very unexpected cold swim in the Pacific, or….death.

So needless to say, fun for the girls, terrifying for the 3 adults watching the near misses as the kids chase each other and race to the finish line. THe finish line changes every 10 feet. And you must remember, there is no fair race with these

two, it ALWAYS involves shoving, tripping, and pulling on the backs of each others clothes. So it would have been very easy to accidentally (??) throw your sister into the ocean. Thank goodness, not on this outing.

La Jolla family photographer

But before we got to the walk, we stopped in the “famous” (per Tom) La Jolla Caves.

After the entrance fee (not sure how that’s legal) was paid, we headed into the entrance of the cave.

A sign boasted 145 steps down to the bottom of the cave!

Pretty excited on our way down!  145 rickety, slippery (PK fell) steps to get to the bottom! Can’t wait!

La Jolla Caves


We’re here.


We got there in about 4 minutes.

February 08, 2014171

And it’s all gated off. You can stand there for a while, looking out at the ocean, but you have to make room for the next batch of dummies who paid good money to walk down 145 steps.  Which we now have to walk up, and so it’s basically

like taking your family to the gym and making them do the stair climber for 10 minutes. Then telling them to get off, it’s time to go home. There are tourists who want to get on.

Oh well.

I kept my mouth shut, just like everyone else did. So we all pretended it was the greatest 10 minutes and $20 we ever spent.

Now let’s get the hell out of here.

There are real things to do.

La Jolla Caves


Back to the walk/hike along the ocean.


(Even if you’re not willing…you’re going!)


February 08, 2014213

(M. Bauserman….note the blue jacket. Good for ocean walks too apparently)

February 08, 2014195



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  • mbHappy to make the blog. Noticed the sweatshirt—it’s universal. Please keep up with the 365 for the next few werks. I need some reading material while I am sequestered in the nursing area. I remember when this was you with PK. Also the light is amazing in the photo of the girls above. Want to fly here and do newborn photos?ReplyCancel

  • Mary MalinowskiSo darn cute. Love the little bum sticking out!ReplyCancel

  • TomI always have a great time with the Kelley’s, but looking back at these pictures, I realize that every time is a special time when I visit SD. When you are “in the moment”, it’s tough to appreciate what SD has to offer and how darn precious those little girls are. Thanks for posting these and capturing so many great times in SD with the Kelley’s. My favorite? The last one with the girls on the whitewashed bridge.ReplyCancel

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